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About the project:


Thank you for sewing masks! We are doing this project in conjunction with UVa hospital and the bioengineering department of UVa to provide nurses with adequate PPE equipment to help protect them during the current COVID-19 epidemic. We are in the process of lab testing this design for porosity and have worked closely with the staff at UVa hospital to develop a fit and design that works for their staff. We are aiming to make at least 1000 masks for UVa by the beginning of May. Thank you for being part of this volunteer effort!


This mask is designed to provide maximum protection against water molecules carrying the virus. It is designed to fit closely around the head with double strands of elastic and closely around the nose with a rubber-covered metal insert. It is designed with a side opening and a bottom opening to receive a replaceable filter insert, and when the filter is removed, it can be washed in hot water, or a sanitizing cycle of a washing machine. 

Have one of our kits?

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Neighbors Helping Nurses

Use your Sewing Super Powers!

Make cloth PPE masks for the nurses at UVa Hospital

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